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Mar 17, 2013 5:30am PDT
change -- votes are being counted after zimbabwe's referendum, which could change the way the country is governed. live pictures of st. peter's square for the first mass given by the new pope. is doubt over whether a controversial bailout for cyprus will be passed by the nation parliament -- the nation's parliament. trying tobeen withdraw as much cash as possible because they may soon have to pay up to 10% of their savings to the government. this is one of the conditions that has been set up by the eurozone, part of its $13 billion rescue package. the proposed bailout has sparked outrage. one account holder has threatened to knock down the bank with a bulldozer. people have been pulling out as much of their savings as they can before the agreement goes into effect. the situation is unacceptable. they have deceived the people by saying they would not touch the deposits. >> why should they take our money? i cannot understand this. we work and we deposit our money for our own purposes, and they come to take our money. this is unfair. >> for a look at how this is going to work -- people w
Mar 4, 2013 3:00am PST
-- not stupid, but the things that were intelligent but one time that changed and was changing. and the vision of the woman about the man was changing, too. some men were not accepting their femininity. does not mean that they were gay or whatever, no. it just means that men can be sensible, but they have been traumatized by their education that wanted to make them as a john wayne, you know? apparently. it was very sensitive in reality. you have to be sensitive anyway. but to look real mature like that. so i wanted to show the first collection i did. for me, it was evident. the male object. i always felt, not consulted because i do not consider myself as a woman, but i felt insulted for the woman to say, you know, there was that expression for the woman. [speaking foreign language] she had a lot to say, a very modern woman. i say, is that completely stupid? maybe she is beautiful. so i say that the men i show will be balanced. i do not say that is the only object, not at all. unless maybe. but i want to show that community and men. and i wanted to show the masculinity in the woman. >> humans a
Mar 7, 2013 5:00pm EST
. the united states will not engage in talks for talks' sake. it will require a change in north korea's parties, demanding that pyongyang will meet its obligations on denuclearization. this leads to a few important other principals. first, the nightsticks will not accept north korea as a nuclear quest the united states will not accept the tree as a nuclear state. we will not compensate them for returning to dialogue. we will not tolerate north korea for bullying its majors -- measures. -- neighbors treat the tysons cannot approve without improvement in injured-korean relations. in the meantime, at the u.s. diplomacy on north korea on a wide range of issues continues. close coordination with our treaty allies, japan, remain absolutely central to our approach. we have expanded our engagement might develop a new dialogue key global actors who have joined the rising chorus of voices, calling on the dprk to comply with obligations. china does remain central to altering or korea's calculus and close u.s.-china confrontations will remain a key focus of the medics -- of diplomatic efforts. while the cl
FOX News
Mar 18, 2013 4:00pm PDT
being pulled. making the shooter perhaps change his plan instead of mass murder, he killed himself. shep? >> shepard: phil, any idea from authorities yet on a motive? >> not much here. the university was actually in the process of evicting him because he had yet to pay for this semester. he was a college junior majoring in business. the school has absolutely no record of ever receiving psychological counseling, no record of any student conduct issues. and he was still living in his dorm room with three roommates who, according to ucf, describe him as a loner with few friends. >> actually, the roommate was surprised. the roommate said that he exhibited some antisocial behavior previously, but they had no reason to believe they had never seen him with a weapon. they had never seen him with ammunition. they had no reason to believe that he was going to show any kinds of violence whatsoever. >> all classes at ucf do resume tomorrow and that tower, tower one, the residence hall is now totally back open. so about 500 displaced students all day can finally get back to their rooms, shep. >> shep
Mar 15, 2013 2:30pm PDT
. this kind of assessment -- we need this first before any changes will be done. >> and from angela merkel, more caution. >> just because two countries have changed their minds does not mean 25 others have to follow suit. >> david cameron said lifting the embargo would not necessarily mean britain army rebel groups right now. the french have been a little more forceful, but the issue will now be passed to foreign ministers to decide. the current embargo expires at the end of may. if no compromise is found, britain and france could choose to let the embargo last and then go it alone. that would be controversial, but they have certainly use the second anniversary of the conflict to send a message -- "we are not doing enough." overr more on the debate whether to arm the rebels and what if anything the major powers can do to stop the with georgee spoke w. bush's national security adviser. a year ago, you argue that farming syria's rebels was desperately required. where do you stand now? series rebelsg was desperately required. >> we are late. we should have done more before now. >> will britai
Mar 15, 2013 4:00pm PDT
-- we need this first before any changes will be done. >> and from angela merkel, more caution. >> just because two countries have changed their minds does not mean 25 others have to follow suit. >> david cameron said lifting the embargo would not necessarily mean britain army rebel groups right now. the french have been a little more forceful, but the issue will now be passed to foreign ministers to decide. the current embargo expires at the end of may. if no compromise is found, britain and france could choose to let the embargo last and then go it alone. that would be controversial, but they have certainly use the second anniversary of the conflict to send a message -- "we are not doing enough." overr more on the debate whether to arm the rebels and what if anything the major powers can do to stop the with georgee spoke w. bush's national security adviser. a year ago, you argue that farming syria's rebels was desperately required. where do you stand now? series rebelsg was desperately required. >> we are late. we should have done more before now. >> will britain and france get anywhe
Mar 18, 2013 2:30pm PDT
blamed for insisting on the levee. they say they are open to changes. it includes a levy on deposits under 100,000 euro. the numbers we came up with are the base level. if there is any other way to achieve it, up to 100,000, we would not have the slightest problem. we would have to wait and see. >> given the angry reaction, there does appear to be rethinking going on behind the scenes. >> for more, we cross over live to cyprus to talk to nathan. it looks like the public backlash and international criticism are indeed forcing a rethink on this levy on bank deposits. how much room do they have? >> quite a bit of room as long as they can meet the magic number a 5.6 billion euros which would have been collected from the taxes they would levy on bank accounts. what they're trying to do now is making deeper -- the poor sav ers, accounts with less than 100,000 euros, not bear the brunt. they are trying to knock it down to 3%. they are shaking their heads saying there is absolutely no assurance lot they would get through the door in parliament. >> give us a feel for our normal people are rea
Mar 15, 2013 3:00pm PDT
to take that position. portman explained his change of heart in "the columbus dispatch". he said it began two years ago, when his college-age son told his family that he is gay. wall street backed up a bit as the week ended. that ended a ten-day winning streak by the dow jones industrial average-- its longest in 17 years. the dow industrial average lost 25 points to close at 14,514. the nasdaq fell nearly 10 points to close at 3,249. for the week, the dow gained just under 1%. the nasdaq rose a tenth of a percent. those are some of the day's major stories. now, back to judy. >> woodruff: thousands of activists gathered this week for one of the conservative movement's biggest events. "newshour" congressional corresspondent kwame holman was there. >> reporter: for four decades the conservative political action conference known as "c- pac" has served as a barometer for republican politics. and this year, the g.o.p.'s future direction is the issue for more than 10,000 delegates who've been meeting just outside washington. at the last few gatherings of c- pac, the focus was on taking back the
Mar 4, 2013 11:00pm EST
positive -- it makes people aware, it makes people take initiative to change things, for example? last year there was a video that went viral on youtube about the guy that was taking charge in uganda. and i had never heard about that. all of my friends were talking about it and nobody knew about this. and now all of these celebrities are starting charities and i know that there is controversy on where that money was going. but my point is there a way to make the shooters aware of what is going on? >> one of the positive things is all the people wanting to donate. a lot of good can come out of publicity. but you just have to take the killer out of the picture. that's the problem. so i think giving a good example, i did a study with my colleague of people magazine. we looked at every cover from the 70s up to a few years ago. when they first started, it was all about people who did good things. they had people and politicians who did the right thing. medical discoveries, astronauts who did great things, here it is. and over time it started to get very negative. after a while, the majority of t
Mar 25, 2013 9:00pm EDT
biography of rachael jackson. understand the amount of change that kantor jackson brought to washington. >> -- andrew jackson brought to washington. >> he is the first westerner. we have va. presidents before that. jackson is somebody completely different. he grew up in the frontier. the change is enormous. socially, the change is enormous. --n though he is a planter, he was not like a new england int -- new englanders island -- either. he brought very different values and very different ambitions. >> even though he was awaited -- would president. >> she was the one of his life. a few months, at before he went to be inaugurated, and he was bereft. he spent all of his time thinking about her and her memory and having her pictures, portraits in the bedroom. it really changed. >> we need to delve into the campaign of 1828 to understand the presidency. -- how did itr of change? >> it was the first time we did not have the majority of electors. the election was given over to the house of representatives. he'll have these multiple competing factions in the house of representatives. you have c
Mar 26, 2013 1:00am EDT
of politics. let's talk in a broad sense about the changing country and the changing political parties. >> one of the major things that we forget, because we're so comfortable with the united states being a two-party system and that being what democracy is or at least is here, we forget that during the early republic, there wasn't a two- party system, that the founding fathers hated parties and thought they would be terrible for democracy. there was this generation, particularly martin van buren who said we need to have an ordered, structured system, of making political things happen and that's the parties. we have to have a philosophy. we have to show up together and vote on the same thing and we have to hang together, or these sections of the country or these differences in the democracy will spin out of control, and actually they did. >> how did washington, d.c. change over these 12 years? >> it grew like crazy. at the beginning, of course, it was basically just kind of a big -- with trees and dirt and then there would be a house and a building there. then it became actually a city and it b
Mar 26, 2013 8:00pm EDT
book that wants to make the argument that actually change people's lives and actually changed the culture. it came under criticism more recently for not only reflecting the lives of small business people, for not talking about a working-class women that have no choice but to work all along and not talking about people love of their sexual preferences who may have already found themself out of the conventional life. but what i want to do a little bit today is talk about the ongoing power of this classic. i recently talked this book at nyu a couple of whom are here in this audience who do not ever hesitate to tell me if something is boring and they're important attention. it is amazing to me that the class comes to life and the book spoke to them and interesting ways. i want to talk about the war the feminine mystique and whether it still presses and it's complicated because we live in a world that has been so transformed in this book and in the movement that followed most of us in the room who were born after "the feminine mystique" came out. it's hard to imagine those days at
Mar 24, 2013 7:45pm EDT
points. the brief is incoherent. no one could tell that the go standard it can change. two, the brief was profoundly misguided would damage the list for schoolchildren. there is no need to file the brief because the civil rights division are to have implement tenet standard for more than a decade. he did not notice only one of these three initially and consistent points could be right. though all three might be wrong. at the end of the meeting, my recommendation was not to file. i'd written a brief and i acquitted myself, but i can't know conker should be given to the violent. solicitor general bork also recommended not filing. that cost him a lot. he knew this would be his last chance for influence in a subject you care deeply about. but if that discouraging defiance was more important and attorney general bv agreed to solicitor general bork. this one in my hand may be the only copy though perhaps al gore cannot really be retained copies for their files, too. i'm sure earlier tests photocopied by the civil rights division for the benefit of the price lawyers. that group made a stiff
Mar 18, 2013 3:30am PDT
to have this? >> definitely. it was a change. when i went to my company, it was a moment where there were more shops and boutiques. so we went with ermez, and it became something that was very funny. we -- one moment i did not even have a collection, which was not scheduled at all. it was not about a contract. there was like 45 persons in my company. so i should do the collection. i thought it was an adventure. i love that adventure. at the beginning of was supposed to be -- [unintelligible] of the established house. for me, it was kind of a challenge. and i loved the idea. i love to do it. also my training, my training was doing this. i do not have my gaultier touch at that time. so then it was like to make jean paul gaultier for ermez. no, sorry, to make ermez through the eyes of jean paul gaultier. i love that. then there was a death. it was seven years after our collaboration. i think it was good to go in, because my life was not with ermez. it was for my own company. so we changed. we pushed. spanish rudes, perfume routes. sounds very good to my ears. i am a quite truthful person >.
Mar 29, 2013 6:00am EDT
running the company, had some outside people and some very fine people at the time. all that changed -- for the first part of the book, but the show, what we meant to the country overall, there's a couple of vignettes i will talk about briefly. there was a book written on something called -- a book about a russian sub that went down in the northwest pacific. the russians didn't know where the hell he was. they looked and looked, couldn't find. u.s. knew exactly where it was. and wanted to recover it because it was a nuclear sub. the codebooks were important, and the technology was important. they decided they would try and recover the so. there was a meeting in my apartment in new york with the general counsel of the cia, his deputy, and a deputy of howard hughes. of course, if they're going to do that they had to build a vessel, a very large vessel with a hole in the center that would stoop this sub out. and yet a think about what if the russians decide what we're doing was looking for that sub and knew what it was. what would happen if they fired on us? where would you bring this s
Mar 28, 2013 11:00pm EDT
changing? >> i think it's a big opportunity for the prime minister to show what could happen in russia. we'll have to see because they're sitting on top of the oil reserve. you know where the the price of oil is. there, as you pow, there are a lot of problems. we have to see whether, you know, russia can show that it's taking some of these reforms that needs to take, and we'll see and this is a perfect opportunity to do so. so far, i think, as i said, the only g20 meeting that really did any positive of the one in london. i give credit to gordon brown that was his greatest moment, i think, at that particular time to do it. you had well-organized meetings. i was in korean there was nobody organizing like the koreans. it was a great organized meetings. wars and, you know, nothing much came out of it. then the one in france it rained the whole time and it was rain on the parade because it was a disaster and nothing happened. there was a lot of nice intentions comes out of mexico in the last g20 it's not clear what we'll see. one of the areas we didn't get in to here is the whole question of r
Mar 11, 2013 12:00pm EDT
a fundamental transformation, a systemic change, something we in central and eastern europe had to do 20 years ago, something similar. the other part of the problem is the european integration model, the excessive and unnatural centralization, harmonization, standardization, and unification of the european continent based on the concept of an ever-closer union is another obstacle. a few days ago i listened to the speech given by the italian minister of the economy, and he made a point that to build such an integration was a necessity. i raised my hand, and asked, what you mean, such an integration of the current form of european integration is an historical accident. it could have many developments, many of variants, and i am sure this one is the wrong one. these complex issues deserve to be discussed from many perspectives, but it is evident they found their climax in the attempt to monetary unify the whole continent. this was the moment, to use the ogy, when the marginal costs exceeded their benefits. this evidence failure -- and it is appropriate to call it a failure -- was inevitable, byec
Mar 10, 2013 9:30pm EDT
.m. eastern. that is an hour later than usual due to the time change. you can also watch it sunday nights at 9:00 eastern and pacific on c-span. >> tomorrow on c-span, the senior advocacy group will talk about benefit and how changes in cost of living may affect social security recipients including veterans. americans with disabilities and people with very long incomes. live coverage begins at 10:00 a.m. eastern here on c-span. and also live, a little later at noon eastern, the czech republic former two-term president talks about the european debt crisis. he is speaking at the cato institute. >> next, the funeral of venezuelan president hugo chavez. he died from cancer this week at age 58 after 14 years in power. according to venezuelan officials, his body will be embalmed on put on display permanently. interim president nicolas maduro and jesse jackson jr. spoke at the funeral in caracas. this is 45 minutes. >> let us join hands. bow our heads in prayer. i want to thank the family for allowing us to say a prayer on this holy occasion. today we are here, not because hugo chavez has died, but b
Mar 16, 2013 2:30pm EDT
, throughout all this period muybridge is changing his name, changing his name every five years. he comes to new york, he changes his name to edward muygridge. he goes to california, he changes his name to edward muybridge. he goes to england, he comes back as a photographer, he changes his name to helios, the god of the sun. [laughter] he calls himself helios, the photographic or artist. [laughter] a couple of years of that, he changes his name again. so he's on the one hand reinventing himself and on the other trying to figure out what to do. he becomes a landscape photographer. he takes the most impressive photographs of yosemite valley, that gash in the middle of california with its tissue-like waterfalls and its sheer rock faces. quote mite, which has -- yosemite which has become already the emblem of the western frontier. it's romantically inflated in the imagination of not only the americans, but the europeans. it represents what it is to be a part of this western expanding empire of the united states. he talks these giant photographs of yosemite which sell very well on the east co
Mar 27, 2013 2:30pm PDT
will enforce it until the court strikes it down. we heard from the 83-year-old poster child of change, edy windsor. . i am today an out lesbian it's kind of overwhelming for me. >> she married her long-term partner in 2007 but when thea died two years later she was saddled with a six figure bill for inheritance tax that would not have aplayed if married to man. on the steps of the court she thanks the judges. >> very respected and i speak for it to be good. >> so after two days of hearings, it's pretty clear the court is not just divided, as you would expect, but conflicted about how boldly and broadly to rule on this issue. the words of justice anthony kennedy, he and his colleagues are in unchartered waters and we'll know in a few weeks how far they're prepared to go. steve kingston, bbc news at the u.s. supreme court. >> for more on the cases heard the past two days, i spoke a breathe time ago with adam, a supreme court reporter for "the new york times." adam, i know reading the tea leaves of the supreme court is a very inexact science but based on what you heard today, do you think ed
Mar 4, 2013 8:30am EST
of that year which then changed the california constitution to eliminate that california supreme court decision. in the interim 18,000 same-sex couples got married in california. the first challenge was to whether or not proposition 8 was really a revision of the california constitution and had to go through the legislature, the california supreme court said, no, no, no, it's an amendment to the constitution, so challenge, a challenge to proposition 8 under the california constitutioning is not going to work pause -- constitution is not going to work because it's an amendment to the constitution. .. intervened in the case. now, at that point the attorney general mcgovern was still parties to the case. they were defendants in the case so that was a clear case or controversy. they were enforcing the law and the interveners, therefore, could piggyback on the standing of the actual parties. when the decision came down we had a 12 day trial, with evidence from all kinds of experts and plaintiffs and other individuals. the district judge found proposition eight unconstitutional on the grounds that we
FOX News
Mar 27, 2013 1:00am PDT
. >> well, all you have got do do is change administrations. unless you believe we are going to have democrats until the end of time. >> bill: i don't know. i'm worried. >> your theory is wrong. >> bill: i'm worried about these people, the voters now because the mentality is changing in this country. it's changing. and that worries me. charles, very interesting, as always. we appreciate it. happy passover to you. next on the run down. next on the run down, megyn kelly supreme court gay marriage arguments today. later glenn beck going to talk about the continuing attacks on christitititi >> bill: and in the impact segment tonight, the supreme court begins to hear the gay marriage argument. in france, the perhaps as many as 1 million people are demonstrating against gay marriage. the protest so intense police had to use tear gas. shep. >> bill: in washington, however, it's a different story. they were also protests both in favor and against gay marriage but the issue here not nearly as volatile as it is in france. in fact, the latest polling shows the majority of americans now favor ga
Mar 23, 2013 11:30am EDT
the world more should be -- climate change, immigration, and terrorism. this is just under two hours. [applause] thank you so much, kathy. it's a particular pressure, as you might imagine, to have the hospitality of a distinguished center at the graduate center, the center on philanthropy andsivity society, and to also have it with a friendship of a terrific scholar who has been a friend for many years. i owe kathy a special debt in her generous invitation to me to be a senior scholar at the center and bring my small organization with me. thankthank you very much, kathy. it's because of her that i am here today, and here this fall and winter and at the city university. i sworn after i left maryland, having left rutgers i would not go back to the university again, but i'm very glad i broke that promise to myself and that i'm here. it's also a pleasure to be once again on the podium with francis fox piven. we met in the '70s when we were both regarded, even i was regarded as a radical scholar. some might not think it anyone. we were asked by james mcgregory to be the co-chair of the by
Mar 8, 2013 10:00am PST
signed the gay marriage ban into law now says it should be overturned. why the change of heart? >>> and awkward, party of two. a now "new york times" photographer steven crowley captures john mccain and rand paul only moments after mccain slammed paul's made for television filibuster. >> good day. i'm andrea mitchell live from washington. the stock market soaring to a new record high. the jobless numbers are at a four-ee low, and the washington post chris joins us now along with greg with the economist and cnbc wr this is your specialty, so let's start with you today. let's get behind the numbers, the good, the bad, and any ugly? >> most of bad. excuse me. mostly good. >> good, good, good. >> no ugly that i can see. the number of jobs created quite a bit mo expecting. if you look over the last few months, it looks like we're sustaining job growth from the 150,000 to 200,000 area. more hours means more income, more spending power, but the main thing -- the main take-away p is what's not happening. we are not seeing the economy crumple even though it was hit with big tax increase
Mar 15, 2013 9:00am PDT
of puberty in children or changes in body hair or increased acne in women may occur. report these signs and symptoms to your doctor if they occur. tell your doctor about all medical conditions and medications. do not use if you have prostate or breast cancer. serious side effects could include increased risk of prostate cancer; worsening prostate symptoms; decreased sperm count; ankle, feet, or body swelling; enlarged or painful breasts; problems breathing while sleeping; and blood clots in the legs. common side effects include skin redness or irritation where applied, increased red blood cell count, headache, diarrhea, vomiting, and increase in psa. see your doctor, and for a 30-day free trial, go to >>> hello everyone. welcome to "around the world." i'm fredricka whitfield in for suzanne malveaux. >> and i'm michael holmes. hello everyone. we'd like to welcome our viewers here in the united states and also right around the world. let's begin in syria. ♪ you see there huge crowds turning out today to mark the second anniversary of the start of the syrian civil war. in dam
Mar 3, 2013 6:30pm PST
will change dramatically. plants and animals will be forced to adapt, move, or go extinct. already, the distribution and life cycles of plants, animals and fish, are shifting in response to changes in earth's climate. in the north sea, warming water has driven commercially important fish such as cod, farther north to colder and deeper waters. in turn, more exotic, warmer-water fish have pushed into the range being vacated. the northward shift of the boundary coincides with a rise in temperature of nearly 2 degrees in north sea waters between 1977 and 2001. if the trend continues, atlantic cod will no longer be able to live in the north sea by 2080. the heavy pressure our industrialized society puts on earth drives climate change. whole ecosystems are modified, forcing species to fight for survival in different surroundings. if we understand the rapid changes our activities force the natural world to respond to, we'll learn to make better decisions today that will determine earth's climate tomorrow, and in turn, nature's services on which all of us depend. >>> this week on "moyers &
Mar 22, 2013 6:30pm PDT
of the globe. water pollution is not helping the situation, either. nor is climate change -- certain regions are literally trying out. many countries are introducing desalination systems and drip irrigation, but these solutions are of little use to the world's poor, for home water scarcity is becoming an increasingly pressing problem. >> the united nations says access to clean drinking water is a human right. but that right is not insured everywhere, especially in countries where water is a scarce resource. >> you would think that countries such as germany with abundant amounts of water would have no problems, but they do when accessibility becomes a business. >> the berlin water table citizens group is rehearsing a song they have adapted to protest against private water companies. they have come up with a reworked version of the popular 1920's tune "veronica spring has come." in a thinly veiled stand at the french water company they want to sound out of berlin. >> there are still private companies involved in our water supply operations here, and we have changed the song "veronica spring ha
Mar 25, 2013 6:30pm PDT
in a rebel crew. they accused him of bringing about little positive change while in office. the majority ofhe central afrin republic still lives entire property despite vast natural resources that include diamonds, gold, and uranium. south africa has confirmed that at least 13 of its soldiers were killed in the weekends fighting. they were stationed alongside french groups as peacekeepers in the cntry. for decades, lyrical instability ha ruled the central african republic. this is just the latest in a long line of foods -- ocf coups. >> short break, back in a minute. >> her mother is hiv positive. he was infected at birth. she probably will not live until the age of i've. -- of the 5. the german aids foundation is supporting the project. get a baby a future. make a donation. to save a life. >> thank you for saying -- you staying with us. >> welcome back. >> those oppition leaders welcomed the announcement, but it remains very divided. -- he does intend to address the summit. >> meanwhile, syrian activists are trying to mobilize german support for their efforts to oust the assad government. >>
Mar 15, 2013 5:30am PDT
change is complete, but will the new premier be able to bridge the gap between rich and poor? offusion over the safety the dreamliner. boeing says it is ready to fly again soon, but japan assists -- insists it is not. evidence has emerged alleging that congolese government soldiers have raped more than 120 women in the past 20 months, and that does not include cases that go unreported. hundreds of sexual assaults have been reportedly carried out by troops and rebels. government forces have been east in congo in large numbers since 2008, joining forces with rwandan troops to tackle the democratic forces for the liberation of her wanda. the fdlr. congolese troops have failed to defeat them, and since last year, a rebel group has arrived in eastern congo, presenting forces with another challenge. there are other atrocities. human rights groups have raised concerns about sexual violence as a weapon of war. rape iscountry where used as a weapon of war, this woman's story is a common one. she was out collecting food and would when she was raped by congolese soldiers. i don't know who to blam
FOX News
Mar 20, 2013 1:00am PDT
marriage but now she, too has changed her opinion. >> i do not support gay marriage but i support civil union. >> lgbt americans are our league colleagues, our teachers, our soldiers, our friends, our loved ones. and they are full and equal citizens and deserve the rights of citizenship. that includes marriage. that's why i support marriage for lesbian and gay couples. >> bill: but, what? 9 years ago she didn't. with us now to analyze alan colmes and monica crowley. this is all about evolving, i understand from colmes. evolving. we are evolving. >> everybody is evolving now. evolving is the new black, right? look, this is a very slickly produced video. it's clear she is running for president. if she weren't running for president 2016 there is no reason for her to make this. >> bill: to evolve. >> make this dramatic announcement at this point in the cycle. >> bill: do you think it's phony? i mean, was she back in 2004 really did she believe that a man and a woman should be sacrosanct in marriage and now she doesn't or is this another hollow politician changing their mind? >> i don't know
Mar 22, 2013 7:00am PDT
. >> are they talking about it because it helps them politically or do they really think they're going to change something. >> absolutely they're talking about it because it helps them politically. they're talking to the far right of their base that really wants obamacare repealed. the problem here is that there's a practical element that they're overlooking or not talking about, which is the sheer magnitude of changing the u.s. health care system. you know, to a certain degree, the train has already left the station. republican governors in key states are resisting it. it could get even more so. but for republicans to really repeal obamacare, they're going to have to win the white house, and, you know, that's not -- their next opportunity is not for another three and a half years. >> so it does seem like the fight is moving to the states. health and human services secretary said that republican governors will eventually expand medicate because the benefits are too big to ignore. and we have seen a few big republican governors try to sign on. rick scott tried to do it in florida. although others
Mar 22, 2013 7:00am PDT
plant says his opinion of the company is now changing. >> now, it's changed. >> post is supposed to notify the city of modesto if they plan to shut down for good. so far the city says they have not been alerted as of yet. employees say they will be transferred to other factories if their skills are needed elsewhere. >> pepsi has a new shape for its bottle. the first redesign in 17 years, features a more contoured bottom half of the bottle. it's expected to be easier to hold on to. it's also a shorter label so you can see how much soda you have inside. it will debut next month. it will roll out in california and florida. it will be a year before this is available ever where. coca-cola may be missing from passover feasts in california. they say they won't be able to make kosher for passover versions of coke that are due to state laws. it's sweetened with high fructose corn syrup. a sugar based product is used for kosher. one of the ingredients in that is on the state's list of possible cancer causing chemicals. >>> if you're planning to head to oakland this sunday, be prepared for
Mar 16, 2013 7:00am PDT
all week in making some big changes to traffic in downtown hayward. some girls are been turning into one way streets. it is called the hayward collect. done some drive that now flows one with starting at the intersection of foothill, mission and jackson streets. if the changes would help businesses in the area. the owners we talked to said that the businesses took a hit at the height of the project. >> the way that they can fix this will take traffic by more businesses. this should help. >> officials said that the street should be back to normal by monday morning. >> it will be everything i arrests in san francisco for tens of thousands of people. the annual st. patrick's day parade makes its way down market street starting at 11:00 a.m.. this is video from last year's eve dance. floats, dancers and musicians will start from market and second streets and end at civic center plaza. city fire chief joe and hayes-white is a grand marshal of the parade this year. >> coming up on kron 4 news weekend. today, though the police department begins a new strategy to fight crime. will have
Mar 22, 2013 3:10am PDT
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Mar 17, 2013 5:00pm PDT
in that country say life changed. >> and a spectacular sight overseas. the volume can in this case blast that sent lava flying nearly 10,000 feet. >>> and madonna once again making a statement, a comment she made in support of the gay and lesbian community. if yo, then you're going to love sizzler's shrimp combos starting at just $9.99! four kinds of shrimp, seasoned just right and served in the new combinations. at sizzler! >>> it was ten years ago this tuesday that the u.s. led the coalition to iraq starting the triggering of the iraq war. a woman and her two daughters were in baghdad when the fighting began and remain there today. it professional and human rights activest could have left but chose to stay and says now she lost hope for her family and says corporation is ramped and the country is unsafe. >> the fear is different. you don't know who is in the next car. when i walk i don't feel comfortable because i feel threatened that someone might hurt me or, you know, harass me or do anything to me. >> according to a new study by brown university, more than 100,000 iraqi civil
Mar 20, 2013 4:00pm PDT
. >> sounded so perfect. but then -- later in the day things changed. >> iran is a grave threat to israel, a grave threat to the world, a nuclear iran. the united states is committed to dealing with it. >> each country has to make its own decisions when it comes to the awesome decision to engage in any kind of military action. and israel is differently situated than the united states. >> it's interesting to watch each of their faces during that particular exchange. not just the one talking but the one not happy with what the other one was saying. so where exactly does this relationship stand right after that i spoke with israel's minister of the economy and a member of the security cabinet there. now our viewers, you watch the show all the time, he's been on this program often. he's a former commando in the elite counter-terrorism unit and he served as the chief of staff for benjamin netanyahu from 2006-2008. but now he's a global phenomenon. gracing front pages around the world, the "jerusalem post" called him the man of the moment. the new yorker ran a very lengthy profile. in the uk th
Mar 24, 2013 12:00pm EDT
states about what has changed on the ground in israel and in the palestinian territories, and were each of the player was, netanyahu and mahmoud abbas. there is also the sense that a few the american president you can make anything move, and then you go against reality. it's not enough to be the candidate of change, the president of change. there is certainly out on the ground. sometimes the person of a president can help make things move along. but you have to remember that players on the ground have their own agendas, their own domestic considerations. their own fears and concerns about what they can give up on or not give up on. then there was this moment where hillary clinton showed her loyalty to the president. and without too much to the readers about the flaws, there's this moment where she shows loyalty and enterprises statement that the president has made, and a way that the players on the ground, the palestinians and israelis, feel they are now stuck in a certain position and they have to block that. of the palestinians are sitting there thinking, we're not going to be more br
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Mar 19, 2013 5:00pm PDT
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